Free Mapbox GL Fonts

Configuring fonts in Mapbox GL without using the Mapbox API is a pain and struggle. No one should need to know how the fonts are packaged in order to use Mapbox GL without Mapbox. This project packages the most common free fonts with fontnik so you don't have to worry about SDL and gzipped PBFs.

Configure Mapbox GL Style JSON

Your current Mapbox GL Style JSON configuration for glyphs will look like this.

"glyphs": "mapbox://fonts/morgenkaffee/{fontstack}/{range}.pbf",

In order to use the fonts without a Mapbox API key edit your Mapbox GL Style JSON and change the endpoint for glyphs to{fontstack}/{range}.pbf.

"glyphs": "{fontstack}/{range}.pbf",

Supported Fonts

The following fonts that are available in Mapbox Studio are supported.